It is almost impossible to understand the vastness of the destruction brought on by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of New Orleans
and the Gulf Coast. Three years after Katrina, much of New Orleans is still in shambles. How does one deal with loss on such a vast scale?

By focusing exclusively on children's experiences, KATRINA’S CHILDREN humanizes this epic storm and seeks to understand the tragic
ramifications in a small personal way. The film shifts between past and present, weaving the children’s memories of Katrina with “verité-style”
scenes of their everyday life. Part oral history, part lyrical meditation on childhood, loss, grief, healing and socio-economic divides,
“Katrina’s Children” addresses these grand themes through intimate vignettes that are deceivingly understated.

The children we are profiling come from all walks of life: from the daughter of a former Queen of Carnival, to underprivileged kids still stuck in
Texas. Their common denominator is Katrina -- an event that affected them all, to varying degrees. The similarities and differences between
these children are at times surprising and reveal patterns and problems that predate Katrina.

With their disarming honesty and innocent wisdom, the children are at once witnesses, victims, heroes and survivors. Through their diverse
and interconnected stories a larger and complex picture emerges of New Orleans.

TRT: 83 min.