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Courtney Egan lives and works in New Orleans, LA. Her past work includes
multimedia projects utilizing bottlecaps, cigarette butts, and bras, but now she
spends inordinate amounts of time in front of a computer, mucking in the swampy
terrain between the psyche and the mass media with digitally-created video collages.

Her work has shown in galleries and at festivals in North America, Mexico and
Europe. In 2003, her work was installed in the Kasseler Dokumentarfilm &
VideoFest in Kassel, Germany, and in 2004 her film “The Chaos Hags” received
the Isabella Liddell Award for women’s issues in film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.
In 2005, new video works screened at Ann Arbor, in the New York Underground
Film Festival, MadCat, and the Syracuse International Film Festival. In 2006 she
had a two-person show at the Diboll Gallery at Loyola University in New Orleans.